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Add a New Premium Ad Position to Your Inventory in 5 Minutes.

Brandboard is an advertising solution that places high definition, attention-getting ads at the top or bottom end of any page — just like the back cover — or inside cover of a magazine. Regardless of what ad serving technology you are using, you can add new, premium advertising inventory with Brandboard.

If your advertisers need a bolder statement, the Curtain Call ad position delivers serious brand impact. Move your mouse away from this page to see it. When your mouse moves back in, full control returns to you.

We know publishers need to offer advertisers compelling inventory, but we don’t believe that taking control away from the reader is a good strategy — that’s just plain rude — the kind of thing that reflects poorly on both the advertiser and the publisher.

Check out the samples then get in touch to see how digital media can learn an important lesson from print media, and how that can increase your revenue.

See brandboard running on a demo site
Brandboard Features:
  • Deploy with one line of code to your site
  • Maintains the integrity of your content and the value of your online publication
  • Fully responsive (mobile or desktop)
  • Optional "Curtain call" ad unit appears when mouse is away from page
  • brandboard works alongside traditional ad networks or on its own
  • White label ready as a rebrandable service
  • Can be integrated with email marketing
  • Perfect for in-house promos or partner promos
  • AJAX loading won’t slow down your site
  • Content never animates
  • An opportunity to repurpose full page print ads on your site
  • Satisfy B2B advertisers who want bigger ad units
Try running a Brandboard ad on any site:*

*Some sites will not allow this demonstration.
Small changes may be required for installation depending on your site structure.

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